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Phone Consultation

Benefits of phone counseling and therapy to you include:

  • Privacy
    • You may be more comfortable having frank and intimate conversations if you are in a setting that is private and familiar to you; in your own home, in your car, or your special place that helps you feel safe and comfortable. This is "your time" and it should be in "your place".
  • No appointment necessary
    • The counselors and therapists on Healthy Psychology Center are ready to support you 24/7, whenever you need it. If you prefer, you may schedule an appointment with your counselor or therapist as well.
  • Anonymity
    • There's no chance of running into your ex-boyfriend in the office and your therapist will never know what you look like. This may give you peace of mind to discuss issues that you may be embarrassed about such as sexual addictions. There will be no one staring at you as you talk about your secrets, which enables a lot of people to be more free and honest.
  • Therapy comes to you
    • Phone therapy is always accessible. Even if you live in a remote area, have a chronic illness, back pain or depression that keeps you in bed, you can always pick up the phone and call someone. Those suffering from insomnia, nightly anxiety attacks or other painful episodes find support in talking to a professional therapist during a stressful event especially when other options are not available.
  • There's no commute
    • Picking up the phone eliminates the stresses of getting to your therapist's office on time, while battling traffic and paying a fee to park. It's just easy.
  • You pay for minutes not sessions.
    • You may want to talk for a full hour but many times you just need someone to help you through a tough situation or guide you through making the right decision at the moment you have to make it. For instance, if you are seeing a therapist or counselor to quit smoking, then it may be comforting to know that a professional therapist is available to guide you when you have a "weak moment". Others may choose to "check in" from time to time with an objective third-party professional whose sole purpose is to provide the best therapeutic service.

Remember that the choice is always yours, and we seek to empower you to have the therapy experience that will fit your needs.

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